Landeira. natural and smoked handmade tofu made in Galicia from organic soybean


we bet
for a new countryside

Landeira is the essence of Galicia. A mixture of tradition and innovation that results in a unique product that bets on the revaluation of the rural areas. A revaluation that has as main objective to serve as food for the land and the people. All this without forgetting sustainability as a differential factor.

The progressive increase of interest in a healthy diet led us to create TOFU LANDEIRA as an alternative to animal proteins. It is a product made from organic soybeans, suitable to be consumed both raw and cooked. Its neutral flavor makes it a food specially indicated for its pairing, both with sweet or savory flavors.

The soybean cultivation processes are totally organic, as it has been certified by the Regulatory Council of Organic Agriculture of Galicia (CRAEGA) with its seal, which can be seen in the labels of all our products.

Our products are made from soybeans that we grow exclusively in Galicia. Both the elaboration process and the packaging and distribution are also made entirely here, in our land.

Working with our hands is our true passion, an added value that makes each tofu we produce unique. We make it with care and dedication, thus creating a high-quality handmade product.

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