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Landeira is born from the concerns of an agronomist whose objective is to create and shape his own product that allows him, at the same time, to work and recover the true value of the Galician lands.


Given the growing demand for organic products, in 2017 we started a small workshop in Sigrás (Cambre) where we are currently producing two varieties of tofu made from organic soybeans, which are already on the market: Natural and Smoked.

Tofu is a vegetable food with a very interesting protein base, its amino acid chain is identical to that of animal protein. Little by little this type of products are being incorporated into the omnivorous diet, no longer being something exclusive to vegan/vegetarian diets. More and more of us know the benefits of its consumption.

Our tofu is a quality product with organoleptic characteristics differentiated from the rest of products that can be found in the market by its innovative and ecological farming in Galicia.

Jose Antonio Landeira


agricultural engineer // CEO and co-founder

José Antonio Landeira

José Antonio Landeira Mosquera, Agricultural Engineer , has 18 years of experience as a nutrition technician and agronomic advisor. His personal mission is to revalue the Galician lands.



co-founder // partner

Marta García

Marta García Arias, Pedagogue with a background in education and a Master’s degree in environment, joins the Landeira project from the deep admiration she has for the rural world.


Marta García