BFFood, the vertical accelerator of the Galician food sector, has selected the 14 projects of its third edition.

Four of the 14 projects selected to be part of the fifth Business Factory Food (BFFood), will access the consolidation program and the other ten to the acceleration program. Most of them are Galician startups, but there are also initiatives from the Basque Country and the Canary Islands.

YOWUPMILK is the first of the projects selected for the acceleration program. It proposes the development of milk and yogurts for dogs and cats in formats adapted to the buyer, with a shelf life of 18 months, without refrigeration and with a formula adapted to their nutritional needs.

GRABITVISION develops artificial vision solutions for the agri-food sector, through a proprietary platform based on Deep Learning that allows to develop, in a fast and flexible way, several use cases in a low cost hardware.

SALMUERA aims to develop semi-preserved products for direct consumption, fifth range products or salted food as a method of preservation for subsequent consumption desalinated. It also develops in an industrialized way a new packaged and preserved product, destined to the horeca channel or gourmet food.

ANFOOD is working on a plug & play product that automatically learns to detect anomalies in food images, so that any person without knowledge in Artificial Intelligence can carry out an autonomous foreign body detection system.

GRADHOC develops a multiprotocol artificial intelligence platform for monitoring, optimization and automation of facilities and alarms, with preventive and predictive analysis. The main benefits for food companies will be the management and optimization of energy in refrigeration facilities.

NIGAL is an initiative to manage stocks in an automated way and make sales predictions based on historical data using artificial intelligence algorithms to reduce the impact of the current situation of rising raw material prices and the degree of uncertainty in delivery times.

TOFU LANDEIRA is a project that manufactures organic soy-based tofu with organoleptic qualities that are very different from those available on the market, and also manufactures products from its own certified organic crops.

RECARBO uses blockchain technology to ensure the traceability of greenhouse gas emissions of the product from its origin, evaluating and accrediting the veracity of the emissions generated throughout the value chain in order to certify a carbon neutral product under an internationally recognized standard.

BIOCROPS is an initiative focused on developing ecological fertilizers from by-products of Tenebrio molitor larval rearing, generating a 100% natural organic fertilizer, preventing soil degradation in a sustainable manner and obtaining chitin as a biofortifier, in favor of Urban Farming. SEA 4.0: The value proposition of SEA 4.0 is to sensor marine crops in order to understand, with advanced data processing technologies, the main factors that influence the production of excellent quality products. Selected projects in the consolidation program For its part, the Business Factory Jodo consolidation program will involve: NSF 4.0: Néboda is a startup framed in the field of indoor vertical farming, which has as its mission the production of the highest quality vegetables, from nearby, grown near the points of sale and consumers, in a sustainable way, minimizing the ecological footprint to the maximum and independent of seasonality.

BUFFET WASTE is a project that has an intelligent system for measuring the food waste generated in buffets and catering points of a hospitality establishment. This application will allow the quantification of buffet food waste differentiating it by typology, and linked to the profile of the type of customer hosted.

ENZICAS. This is a company that will bring to the market a natural food additive that reduces the ripening times of cheeses and sausages, achieving an optimization of operating costs, reducing the addition of salts in the final product and the CO2 emissions produced throughout the production process.

PROVENID is a diagnostic service and personalized advice to the wine sector for the development of biotechnological solutions for disease control and by-product valorization.

BFFood support All these initiatives will receive comprehensive and specialized support for nine months in the case of the acceleration program, and twelve months in the consolidation program, with access to mentoring, training, coaching, technical services, infrastructure and resources specifically designed for their area of development. The aim is to boost their innovative idea to face the challenges of the future.

In addition, each startup in the consolidation program will have the opportunity to receive financial support, through participative loans from XesGalicia that could entail a capitalization option of up to a maximum of 250,000 euros. In the case of the acceleration program, the projects will be able to access funding from the Galician Innovation Agency (Gain), of 25,000 euros non-refundable, and from XesGalicia, through a participative loan of up to 50,000 euros. Grupo Lence, Innolact, Grupo Nueva Pescanova, Grupo Pereira, Venía Costera, Hijos de Rivera, Bodegas Martín Códax, Congalsa and Gadisa, Agaca and Clusaga will act as mentors for the participants in the accelerator.